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Air Conditioning Solutions

¨CLIMATIZE YOUR HOME PROVIDING YOU COMFORT AT ANY TIME AND SEASON OF THE YEAR ... THIS IS OUR JOB¨, Focusing  on the needs of your home  like the number of dependencies to be heated and cooling,  or the situation of daily exposure to the sun, we will recommend you the equipment that best suits your home and your budget, whether in houses, apartments or chalets , second residence or habitual residence, as well as in restaurants and commercial premises; Split system, multisplit, conduits or cassette.

In COSCLIMA, we are specialists in hidden pipe and natural drain installations, because the same as functionality, aesthetics and comfort ARE VERY IMPORTANT in our facilities.

We offer our customers a comprehensive installation, performing as necessary; the works of electricity, plumbing, works, painting or plasterboard according to the case


- Assembly wall split 1x1; 1 internal unit, 1 external unit and 1 comander.

Split 1x1 inverter


- Assembly wall split 2x1; 2 internal units, 1 external unit and 2 comanders

Split 2x1 Inverter

A technician will contact you and make an assessment within 24 hours and according to your needs and budget.

We work with recognized brands in the air conditioning market, in order to offer our customers a comprehensive guarantee, both for the installation and the equipment supplied and installed.


COSCLIMA.COM, over 15 years Weatherizing homes.

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